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#NoTedros4WHO #WHO #WHODG Open letter to the World Health Assembly As a victim of torture, I oppose Dr. Tedros Adhanom's candidacy for Director-General of WHO By Reeyot Alemu May 16, 2017

My name is Reeyot Alemu. I am a journalist and former prisoner of conscience in Ethiopia. I was a columnist for Feteh (Justice) newspaper, editor for Addis Press and was also the founder and columnist of Lewt, (Change), a monthly magazine. Like the fate of any media outlets critical of the repressive government, all the aforementioned publications were forced to close down and most of the journalists who worked for them have been jailed, tortured or exiled.
The reason why I am writing to you today is not to express self-pity. It is because I strongly believe that the World Health Organization (WHO), an important global institution, is on the verge of falling into the abyss of scandal. I fear that WHO’s reputation will be tarnished and credibility questioned if it elects Dr. Tedros Adhanom. The fact that Dr. Adhanom, one of the top human rights violators making life miserable to the people of Ethiopia, has managed to be the last three candidates, bidding to take over the position of D…
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Undelivered promise of Constitutional Special Interest: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ By Betru Dibaba

Since the Establishment of National Regional Self-Government, all most a pseudo federalism is introduced, the special national interests and political right of Oromo are reserved over Addis Ababa City and Harar City, Article 3(4) of Proclamation Number 7/1992. This Proclamation is a landmark one to fuse the hassle of special interest.
Later, the Federal Constitution fully guaranteed provision of social services, utilization of natural resources, administrative matters and other similar matters as catalogues of Special Interest, Article 49(5). The Minute of the Constitution depicts that whether to recognize or not to recognize it was a choice of coming together or falling apart.
This Special Interest is particularistic interest in a sense only Oromia perceives an interest that it shares with no other states. The Constitution further promises the particular of interests shall be determined by law. After the enactment of the Constitution two charters, Proclamation Number 87/1997 and Pro…

Ethiopia’s Original Sin

Ethiopia’s Original SinHassen HusseinandMohammed Ademo Abstract At the Battle of Adwa, in 1896, Emperor Menelik II routed the invading Italian army. For some in Ethiopia, this event is a proud symbol of black resistance against European colonial rule. But writers Hassen Hussein and Mohammed Ademo argue the glorification of Menelik, a brutal conqueror, removes the Oromo and other marginalized ethnic groups from the national record. This is significant for those left out of history are more easily disregarded in the present. EthiopiaOromohistory


Jijjiirama maqaalee magaalota Oromiyaa
Afaan Oromoo Irra Gara Afaan Habashaatti Jijjiirame
Waliif Dabarsa
1. FINFINNEE - Addis Ababa
2. AGAMSA - Markaatoo
3. BADDAA EJERSAA - Ras Kaasaa Sefer
4. BAAROO KORMAA - Xuqur Anbassaa
6.Caffee Araaraa -sidist kiiloo
7. CAFFEE aannanii - Meksiikoo
8. CALCALLI - Saar-bet
9. DAALATTII - 4-kiiloo
10. DILDILA ADURREE - Inxooxxoo
11. GARBII - Senga-taraa
12. GOLBOO - Ceerqoos
14. HURUFA BOOMBII - Jaan-Meedaa
15. QARSAA - Kaasaanchis
16. ADOOLAA - Kibre-Mengist
17. BULEE HORAA - Hagere Maariyaam
18. EJEREE - Addisaalem
19. ROOBAA - Nifaas Silk
20. ADAAMAA - Naaziret
21. CIROO - Asebe Teferi
2.BISHOOFTUU - Debre zeeyit
29.Tulluu eegduu-Menagesha
30.Haroo sabbuu-Alem teferi
33.Birbirsa-Georgis Church
35.Dhooqa booraa-22 mazoria

BREAKING NEWS - OLF in a new Mayhem - Galasa Dilbo returns to leadership


For Immediate Release 6 December 2016

Oromo Liberation Front proudly announces the election of Galasa Dilbo as its Chairman

At this critical juncture the Oromo people are facing ethnic cleansing and genocide. By declaring state of emergency, the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime has authorized full-scale state terrorism, arbitrary mass arrest, detention, torture, and extrajudicial killing, in particular targeting the Oromo youth, to destroy the future of our nation.

The Oromo people are showing a strong resistance against the brutality of the regime. This united strong resistance of our people against tyranny, as necessary as it is, requires a solid Pan-Oromo political organization, which is fully capable of mobilizing human and material resources of the nation to guarantee the success of the struggle of our people for freedom.

The OLF Central Committee has thoroughly assessed the many challenges our liberation struggle has…

Oromia Is My Country( A Poem)

Hello everybody world brothers
Ladies and gentlemen all the rudders
Peace is upon you I wish you all the best.

Look at me how do I look?
Am not human being testify indeed
I asked this question coz  I was betrayed

Although I was created by the creator
Hospitable in nature receptive in culture
I was denied of my identity
By ethnic minority 
The champions of brutality

In spite of our being majority
With  abounded resources and widest territory
Am negated and forgotten in history

Oromo is my nation ,Oromia is my  origin
Situated in Africa the horn region
My beloved country everything to me
My flesh and bone

Oromia my country beloved
My motherland
Come over here and take the stand
Cryout for help voice your misery
Explain your nature your forgotten history
Uncover the truths the loss of dignity
Reveal the secret your hidden mystery
You are denied of your identity a day light reality

The genocide agony and untold atrocity
You faced all this and many more cruelties
Due to your wealth and natural resources

Above  all,…


In the world today,there are more than 195 languages that each have more than one million speakers.Topping the list in number of speakers is Mandarin,a Chinese language spoken by 740 million people.

The next most widely spoken language is English, with 403 million speakers.

Following English is Russian.Two hundred and seventy-million (270 million) people speak  the Great Russian dialect alone.

Slightly behind Russian in number is Spanish,which is spoken by 266 million people.

Nearly as many people  as 264 million speak Hindi,the main language of India.

All the other languages of the world have fewer than 200 million speakers.

Top 20 most spoken African languages

1.Swahili - 107 million
2.Hausa - 52 million
3.Oromo - 50 million
4. Yoruba - 30 million
5. Zulu - 28 million
6. Amharic - 25.8 million
7. Igbo - 25 million
8. Fulani - 24 million
9.Berber- 23 million
10. Somali - 20 million
11. Xhosa - 19.2 million
12. Malagasy - 18.7 million
13. Afrikaans - 17.5 million
14. Bambara - 14.1 million
15. Sepedi …